Monday, November 4, 2013

iloveshelling cruise to Cayo Costa

I was lucky enough to be on Sanibel during Pam Rambo (of I Love Shelling fame) cruise to Cayo Costa.  Just in case he's not recognizable in this photo, that is none other than captain Brian Holoway at the wheel of Captiva Cruises boat.  You can look at his blog here..Capt Brian's Observations
You may access Pam's blog here..iloveshelling
Both are excellent to help with your Sanibel withdrawal symptoms :)

We have landed and have disembarked to go our own ways.

Luckily for me, there were lots of things to photograph because the shells just weren't there.

Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of shells, just not enough for all the people that had taken the cruise.  You pretty much had to be the first few off the boat and you had to high tail it ahead of everyone else.  The lady who did that found plenty of beautiful shells.
I am just not that competitive.  Plus I was busy taking photographs.

The Periwinkles on this tree are the closest I came to lots of good shells..lol

Not that I am complaining.  It was a beautiful day

And I have seen these drift trees so many times on Capt Brian's blog and I really wanted to take my own pictures of them.  Although Brian's are much better.

It was still so cool to try to capture them.

At times it was like I had the place all to myself.
And of course I had to capture the birds

This is another boat that pulled up as we were getting ready to leave.  Love their sunny yellow umbrellas!   Just remember if you take the cruise - sit up front and be the first off the boat if you really want good shells.

Ok..you shell lovers, I have teased you long enough.
Here is part of my overall haul....most of these found on the beach in front of Sanibel Inn.

Hope you've enjoyed these posts on my love of Sanibel because I have more to come......until then Thank you so much for popping by!  Please make my day and leave a comment. 
May all your dreams come true..............


  1. I love Sanibel, my folks had a place for years on Fort Myers Beach, whenever we visited we would head to Sanibel to shell. You got a great haul


  2. Wow, it looks like you were still able to gather some gorgeous shells. This adventure sounds like so much fun. Your pictures are wonderful!!

  3. Jealous of your shells and super jealous cuz you got to spend the day with Pam and Brain - 2 of my most favorite people!!! Oh, I need to get back down there. Waiting patiently for more posts to see what else you did. Where did you eat?

  4. Wow...WOW...WOW! What a wonderful collection of shells you found. It would be my dream to go on one of these trips! You've really made me want to put it on my wish list. Great photos and post my friend! I'm so happy for you! I'm happy to be back in FL....can't wait to go to the beach! Sweet hugs!

  5. Hi Roxeanne,
    Just wanted to let you know you were one of the winners of the giveaway on my blog. Congrats. If you could send me your address I can get your special package out to you this week. Thanks again for all your support of my blog and taking time to visit.
    Love all the shells. Beautiful.

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