Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sanibel Lighthouse

I put this collage together using a free app on my Kindle Fire.  I love playing with photos.  I love the beach at the Sanibel lighthouse.  All the downed trees and branches make it so cool.  These photos were taken on my last trip there in October.  Still dreaming of my return although I haven't booked anything yet.....

Monday, January 30, 2012


I have no idea why I am doing this except that I wanted to leave a comment on TEB's blog.  She said that I needed a google account and this is where it led me :)
I named it "Always Dreaming" because.. err..well..I AM always dreaming.  Dreaming of being swept away like in a romantic movie....dreaming of the best place on earth - SANIBEL ISLAND FL....looking at everyone else's blog and dreaming of of doing some of the wonderfully inventive and crafty things that I see there. Ahhh....that's me in a nutshell.....always dreaming.  The actual DOING - not so much.  maybe since I've taken this tiny step maybe I will be inspired to DO more so that I can share... if anyone happens to stop by.......