Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oregon Coast - Day 3

Thought I would share a few more pictures of the gorgeous Oregon Coast.  This was on our 3rd day there and it was overcast for most of the day.  We drove South of Newport and pulled off at most of the outlooks.

Because it was cloudy the temps were rather cool as well.  So we did a lot of looking and not so much hiking or beach combing.

The views are always amazing where ever you stop.

We did end up taking a few little hikes and this is what you go through to get to the beach.

Say hello to my brother Kenny!

So much green!!  If you take a really close look you can see all the moss that is attached to the limbs of trees.  We had a tour guide tell us that this is a rain forest. 

So much beauty to behold.  It was awe inspiring!!

And this is just day three!!

Hope your days are filled with beauty.....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oregon- Yep More!!

Sorry, I can't help myself.  I LOVE Oregon and want to share the beauty of it with you.  If you are getting tired of these posts, leave me a comment and I will cease and desist.  I can never get enough photos if a place is beautiful.  And these spots were definitely that.  Here is one more picture of the cobblestone beach. 

All of these photos of the beaches and lighthouses of Oregon have not been edited.  They are straight out of the camera.  I could probably make them a little more dramatic by editing but I honestly do not have the time for that or I definitely would.  

And one more at a slightly different perspective.


We absolutely loved all the waves rolling in. We especially loved it when the waves would crash against the rocks and go flying into the air.  You don't get that very much on the beaches that I have visited on the east coast.

The top two photos were at the cobblestone beach at Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

We then drove south from Newport and made a few stops before we decided to park and walk around the little tourist area in historic Newport.

Once again we missed the low tide and the tidal pools.  This would have been another good spot to have done that.

 Instead we got to do the next best thing and that is watch those waves rolling in.  The sound is mesmerizing.  The water is so blue.  Not Caribbean blue or aqua like the sea gets on the east, but this sapphire blue.  When the sun is shining it is so pretty.

It is a little darker here but look at those waves!  They just keep coming and coming.  These were rather large.  Look at the ratio of the people compared to the waves.  

Love the contrast of the colors...the white of the waves capping, the blue of the ocean, the brown of the sand and then the green of the hillside.

pretty little cove

another lookout

Wildflowers were everywhere.  Daisies and of course dandelions.  They have the tallest dandelions I have ever seen. 

There was also a pretty purple flower that ran wild everywhere. Particularly on the side of the road.  I will try to find a shot of it for next time.  But isn't this spectacular!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

On Sunday the day started out a little cloudy but quickly turned to sunshine!  Hooray.  We decided to take a little drive and get a closer look at the lighthouse we kept seeing in the distance.

It is called Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  And this beach you see below is made up of cobblestones.  Black cobblestones.  Believe it or not they are rounded and very smooth.  The roundness and the layers of them on the beach make it a little difficult to walk on without turning your ankle.  Especially if you are wearing wedge flip flops...."just sayin".

Isn't this what you picture when you think of a lighthouse?  I know I do.

Another shot of the cobblestone beach.  It had bits of driftwood here and there, but mostly cobbles!

We missed the low tide, darn it...someone (me) didn't plan very well.....so we missed the tidal pools.  The tidal pools are what you go to these beaches for.  Then you can see the different color starfish clinging to the rocks along with the clams.  And urchins. And anemones.  All the cool brightly colored beauties!!!

So we we wandered back up the 88 steps and went back up to the lighthouse to enjoy it.  My brother climbed to the top but those 88 steps from the beach were enough for me so I stayed outside.

And enjoyed the lighthouse from many angles.

What a beauty she is and so is the day!

Even the birds are having a good time.  Look at the color of that water!!  This place is so beautiful it is truly hard to believe.  And every cove or beach has it's own unique look.  We kept thinking we would see the same Landscaping at each lookout but we were wonderfully wrong!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Newport Oregon - Part 2

How about some west coast sunset shots?  Every night was different from the one before as every hour was different as well.  Our first night......

The sun is just starting to set

Cool clouds but not much color.  (none of these photos have been edited)

Ahh....now we have a little sun peaking through.

A beautiful ending to a great first day in Oregon...

Don't you just love the pink reflection on the sea and sand?  I know I do.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Newport Oregon - Part 1

After seven hours in the air and three hours in the car - we finally made it to our first stop which was Newport OR.  Contrary to the weather reports, the sun was shining and the temperature was just right.  I am in love with "sweater weather".  100 plus degrees back home and I am wearing jeans and my favorite sweaters.  Couldn't ask for better weather!

This is the view from our hotel room.

And these are the ninety steps that lead down to the beach - and no, that's not a typo - there were 90 steps up and 90 steps down.

The view was definitely better once you were down on the beach.  The beach was huge. 

The waves were rolling in nicely - loved the sound of them crashing into the rocks.

Large pieces of driftwood added to the natural beauty of this beach.  I love that the mountains roll gracefully into the sea.  That was definitely new to me.  I am used to the flatness of the east coast beaches.

Things are definitely different here and I am loving it!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Okay, Oregon has the be the prettiest state in the USA.  Everywhere I turned I saw something beautiful.  The coast line is to die for!!  Each time we stopped we expected to see the same landscape that we saw previously and each time we were wrong!  I will definitely post photos on that later.

First I want to share some photos taken during the drive to/from Portland to/from the coast.  I love old barns and buildings and Oregon did not disappoint.

It was a little difficult to get a good shot from a moving car but I never stopped trying!

I would love to just take a drive someday and actually stop at all the barns and buildings that I think are picturesque.

I keep telling myself "someday soon"  Yet someday never comes.  We get so busy that it's hard to slow down and make time for the things you would like to do.

And we were anxious to make it to the coast after spending so much time in the air just to make it to Oregon from Kentucky. 

It was definitely worth all the travel time!

I will be linking to these fabulous parties!