Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finally getting my craft on!

Hello Everyone!!  I have so missed talking to you!  I started the post below several weeks ago. I have a new computer so now I can fairly easily work on crafts and share with you since my new craft space and my desk is in the basement. I truly hope to be better at both posting and crafting so that you wont mind popping by.,.......................................

Okay it's only taken a couple of years of looking at everyone elses blog and seeing the wonderful things created to make me finally try my hand at something!!  Two years.....that's not so bad...is it?  Tehee.
I used to make a little jewelry. Was lucky enough to win several gift cards to a local craft store so I bought beads, beads, and yep more beads!!  I made a few pieces and then all of a sudden I missed a few days of doing it, which then turned into weeks of not doing it, which then turned into months and...,you see where this ends. That is right...with me having tons and tons of jewelry making supplies and no drive to do anything with them.
Until now. My BF made me a little craft table in an unfinished portion of our basement.  I had to do something then right?  I had part of a necklace that had been sitting unfinished on a table for years.  It was in the basement so I rarely saw it unless I was doing laundry and I got really good at ignoring it. 
But with the new table especially for me and especially for crafts (that's what I get for talking about the amazing things I see on YOUR blogs) I had to put up or shut up.  Shutting up would mean that I couldn't mention you guys again and that I just couldn't handle!  It is a ritual for me to come home and grab my ipad and blog hop.  While I didn't have time to post myself, I simply HAD to visit you.
So I grabbed that necklace and finished it.

Yes I did!!!  Woohoo.....I FINALLY finished that necklace! The one that has been eyeing me  with those dejected blue eyes wondering why on earth she had been abandoned...what did she do that was so wrong......wondering what she could do to make me love her again........lol.......(yes, I have a thing for the dramatic!!)

I don't have any before or during pictures.  But I am sure that you guys know how to string a necklace.  Just pick out your beads, grab some jewelry string that reminds you of fishing line (at least that is what I used) along with a couple of alligator clips for the ends so the beads don't slide off as you add them.


I finished with a toggle clasp.  I just tied the string to the pieces of the clasp and cut of the leftover string and then applied a little drop of glue to the knot.  I like the toggle clasps because they are so easy to put on.  And they are pretty.

And since this blue eyed girl had been neglected so long, I decided to make her a companion.

I mean no necklace is complete without the matching earrings doncha think?  These were super easy as well.  I threaded the beads onto a head pin ( I think that is what it is called, I've been out of the jewelry making loop for several years ) and then I grabbed a couple of fish hooks.  I took the special plyers and made a loop out of the top of the head pin and attached it to the fish hook.  I really can't remember what that tool is called.  If I do more jewelry making I will look up the correct terms.

In the meantime I will leave you with this last shot of my new babies.

Hope to post again soon.....I've been working on altering glass jars/bottles.  I will share my first results soon even though they are beyond amateurist.