Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seahorse Love

I think by now we are all aware of how much I love Sanibel Island Florida.  LOVE it.  One of the reasons I love it so much is for the shells.  I simply love walking on the beach and finding a great shell.  Large or small - broken (some of them are much more interesting broken) or intact. Just simple joy.  Well, the other day my lunch bunch (there are six of us who try to lunch together at least once a week and some of us who go everyday) ended up in Cracker Barrell.  Now when I think of Cracker Barrell the last thing I think of is the beach.  Unless it's a stop for breakfast on the way to the beach during my younger days when driving for 12 hours to get there was considered an adventure.  Well, we walked in and on the way to put our name on the list to be seated I was stopped dead in my tracks by a "pretty" in the store.  The best thing about Crackle Barrell (besides the pecan pancakes...ummm...I am getting hungry) is the "pretties" in the country store.  Like I was saying, I was stopped dead in my tracks, heart started pounding, eyes widening, mouth dropped open involuntarily, arms outstretching on their own accord to snatch snap this up before anyone else could beat me to it.........

pure beachy, ocean loving, dream inspiring lovely creature!!

Oh please, please, please don't let it be too expensive (you just never know) please.  I hesitantly turned it over very slowly...please, please don't kill my delight in this whimsically perfect little piece of happiness on a stand.  ( I had just replaced a water heater that ended up costing me 4 times what it should and had car repairs the same week so to say I am on a tight budget for a bit is somewhat of an understatement ) ...........

.....as I am still slowly turning the seahorse over to see the sticker.  $25.00  I could breathe again.  Not terribly expensive by any stretch of the imagination.  However, when I should be brown bagging it and not even going out to eat lunch, I had to sit it back on the shelf.....insert heavy sigh here....

We went to the table and ordered lunch....all I could think of was the seahorse...all I could see was the seahorse...all I could smell was the ...pancakes the waitress had brought..gotcha!  And yes, pancakes for a working girl's lunch is a perfectly acceptable menu item.  But really, I could not get that seahorse out of my head...could not.  I told myself I had no where to put it and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....   when we finished eating and were just lollygagging around at the table I told the girls I had to go because I had some shopping to do!  As you well know by the photos, this baby came home with me.  Still don't know where she will end up exactly...all I do know is she makes me very happy everytime I glance at her.  Yep, still smiling just thinking about her....oh, and I may have brought home something else too.....will share that next.  I had to have them - spending all your hard earned money on unfun things like repairs is too depressing.  I definitely needed some cheering up and I think this has done it...LOL

But seriously have you ever seen beachy themed items in Crackle Barrell???  Especially one located no where near the beach in KY.  I only bought one more item on this visit, but am plotting how I can get the girls to return for another lunch so soon after this one........as they had many fabulous beachy items that are calling my name.

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  1. Great post!

    Sometimes we have to splurge!

    I have a similar seahorse on my wall. The base color is bronze :)

    Wow! hello sista!

    1. I imagne there are several of us with close to the same taste in items that make us happy. All of us beach loving, shell loving, Florida loving sistahs!!

  2. Oh, My God, Roxanne!
    This post was so funny!
    I had the impression I have read it before, so I might have read late night last night but did not have the STRENGTH to type anymore, LOL!!
    First, the seahorse looked gigantic in the first pictures, so I was thinking... is she bringing a MONUMENT home??
    The I saw it on the table. Oh, and the dwelling going on your head, hahahahahaah!!! I guess we all do that!! We can't pass a pretty item, or a bargain... even thought we KNOW we have already passed out "treasures" budget for the month! I love the way you write! Cheers,

    1. Thank you Claudine - I really did try to make it amusing.

  3. It looks very beautiful!! My hubby works at our Cracker Barrel in AL so I'm gunna have to go check out that beachy stuff!! -Jessica

  4. You are so lucky. They have so many things that are beachy and coastal and all so cute. Knickknacks. Candles. Picture frames. Handbags. Scarves. Blouses jewelry. I have NEVER seen so many things that I love there. And I do mean love!!!

  5. Yes, a beautiful sea horse, I like

  6. Great find! I'm usually very rational when it comes to shopping..., falling in love with this and that..., and when I start thinking about where I will put it..., it goes back on the shelf, haha. Enjoy your weekend... and the seahorse!!!

    1. Thanks Maya. I try to be rational as well. But I truly love this piece. But the only place I had to put it was on my mantle and in order to keep the mantle balanced I had to go back and buy another one!!! How rational is that? LOL

  7. I love it Roxanne! Good for you. That is one cool seahorse.