Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well....since I have Sanibel ALWAYS on the brain I will be sharing more about my favorite place on earth.  I will talk today about eateries.  I have already shared photos on The Bubble Room on Captiva so I won't be talking about it.  Let's see ...I think the first one I will talk about is The Hungry Heron
We went here on our first night on Sanibel.  We were starving and tired from the journey and looking through the literature in our condo we decided on eating here for the crab legs.  I did indeed have the crab legs served with corn on the cob and fries.  We had a seafood fritter for an appetizer and it was sooo good!!  My brother decided on a lobster boil type dinner ( I can't remember what it was actually called ) It had linguini and lobster and mussels and clams all boiled in one big pot.
Needless to say he was one big happy camper when they brought this to the table.  My crablegs were good but this was really, really good.  I'm not a fan of mussels and clams but the linguini in this was excellent with all the flavors melding together.  He couldn't eat it all so we happily took the leftovers back to the condo and heated it up for a snack the next day.  It was still very tasty!
We always make a stop here for lunch - just like it says the cheeseburgers are great!
The next place we always make a stop or two is the Island Cow.  Love all those happy colors!!
A very popular spot. The times that we have been either for lunch or dinner we have never had a long wait for a table.  But I always visit during the "off" season.
There is literally something for everyone here.  The menu is extensive and varied.  Great family dining.

Did I mention the colors?  Yep...they make me happy..lol  Just what an island eatery should do.
Next up is Grandma Dot's.  It is on the marina near the Sanibel Lighthouse.  Oh my, let me tell you - no wait - let me show you - heaven on a plate .........

Isn't that a pretty presentation for a lunch meal. Coconut shrimp and homemade chips. These were the best coconut shrimp I have ever eaten.  THE BEST!!  I want to rip it off my screen right now and stuff it in my mouth...yummy, yummy, yummy....

Well these were a few of our favorites - if you go to Sanibel Island and visit any of them you will not be disappointed. 
We had a lovely dinner here as well.  The lobster bisque was extremely good.  I was a tad disappointed with my filet but I think it was because I ordered it cooked too done. 

I know I said that I wasn't gonna talk about the Bubble Room but I found a picture of the prime rib that I took on one of the trips and just had to share it

It looks a little rare in this photo but it was delicious.  You know how tall those sauce cups are...the prime rib towers over them...it was humongous!!  Definitely enough to share.  We had salads first and then shared this entree.  Well........that's about it for now....until next time......take care!!


  1. This is a blog I am really in the mood for...I feel like summer could be round the corner. Lovely photos. xxx

  2. TIMBERS is my absolute favorite restaurant on sanibel. I also loved McT's, but sadly they are gone. We are big fans of Hungry Heron as well.