Saturday, May 12, 2012


I really want to do another post on Sanibel Island but I love these flower challenges so much that I just have to do the flowers and I don't have the time to do both.  I don't really have the time to devote to editing these pictures like I would like to do either nor do I have the experience, but that hasn't stopped me from participating in the parties yet!

I am running out of new material however, so I am going to have to take the time to get out there ( wherever THERE may be ) and start taking pictures of flowers.  I did get lucky with the arrangement being delivered to the office last week.  I was soooo happy about that!!  Nothing like having your subject brought right to your door. woohoo!!!

This was in front of the hotel that we stayed  at when we were in Gatlinburg last.  There was a little bridge over the creek from the hotel parking lot to the street.  They had little baskets of flowers on the walls of the bridge.  And as I take pictures of everything when I am on a trip, we had to pause a moment and let me snap.  All I did was crop the top picture - no other adjustments. For the shots below I went on picmonkey, in between doing things here at work, and made some really quick edits. 

And since I was doing these "on the fly" so to speak, I can't remember which edits I used.  So I can't tell you what I did for these.  When I say on the fly, I mean doing them really quickly when I needed a little break from doing my work.  You know, one of those quick,  I need a break kinda moments so I don't kill someome!! lol

What ever they were, I am sure that it was a simple click of the mouse and an even quicker adjustment and then hurry and save.  There isn't a big difference in the top photos but I saw this last effect on another blog and had to try it.   I may have made the edges too dark but I kinda like it.

I wish I had a better photo to share but at this late date in the week I gotta go with what I have on hand.  I love playing with the edits - can't wait until I have time to devote to learning.  I need to practice, practice, practice!!  And I need to step up my game if I hope to be in the same league as the rest of you.  I REALLY JUST NEED MORE TIME IN THE DAY!!  Know what I mean?
Picmonkey is free and pretty simple to do (obviously - if I can use it) Are there any other free sites that are quick and easy??


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I do not know how to add buttons to my blog post - if anyone feels like explaining it to me I will be delighted to add the button to my posts!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up to flower art Friday. I understand about the time crunch. Flowers are just so darn irresistible aren't they?

    1. Thank you for the invitation last week. I bet you do understand about the time crunch. I imagine hosting a party is very time consuming. Not to mention all the other things that require our attention. The submissions this week are stunning. I can't wait to Sit down and go through each of them

  2. thanks for your beautiful weekend flowers :)

  3. So pretty! I have never played around with pictures like this. I crop and re-size them and that's about it. Will have to give this a go.

    and thanks Rox!!! wink ;)

  4. Great shots and great edits!

  5. Hi Roxanne, first your photo is really nice and I love that backdrop! Adding the button is really easy (especially if I can do it). First you copy the Html code under their button and then go to your post and at the top there will be two buttons(compose/Html), click on the Html button and scroll on the way to the end of your post and paste! (at least that's where I put mine) Then click back on compose and scroll down to make sure it's there!

    I love photographing flowers, and often visit my favorite garden nurseries for shots. And when I can find cheap flowers at the grocery store, well they will come home with me and I shoot them til their dead...with my camera of course! ; )

  6. They are gorgeous! i love the bright color against the muted background. i use photoshop to edit pics but my daughter swears by picmonkey. there is also picasa which is free and quite nice.
    hugs to you

  7. Beautiful photo! Love your edits, too. I use picmonkey and like that it's free. :-) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. The geraniums are beautiful and bright. They must have looked delightful along the bridge.

  9. THank you for your visit and lovely words. Happy Shelling!

  10. Wow, you really did a great job editing the photo. Love it.

    Thank you for the visit.

  11. Oh wow, how beautiful, Roxanne!!!

  12. Your shots are lovely! It does take a bit of time to learn the editing, but I'm sure you'll find it!

  13. Lovely fiery-red flowers! Thanks for stopping by.