Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh my goodness!!!  What a week it is turning into already!  Work has been crazy and then there is life in general and things we have to do at home...you know, like laundry and cleaning...yuk!

 Aren't these supposed to be calming?

Then perhaps I should bring him from home and put in my desk since I am here 10-1/2 hours a day!!

Isn't he pretty!!  His name is Henry and he is a new addition.  We have upgraded his bowl home since I took these Friday evening. Will try to take more soon.

As it is this is going to be a 5 minute post, sorry, I just had to post something... I miss you guys!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my previous post.  I get a smile on my face with each email that says I have a comment and I feel terribly that I haven't replied so ( I know how tacky - but better than nothing - right?) this is kinda a mass reply.



  1. What a beautiful beta! I love them! I used to have 3...all in separate bowls. I also had 3 aquariums at the time, and gave my beta's to my daughter. I am down to one 150 gallon aquarium, and your pretty beta is making me want one! If I only had time to care for yet another creature lol!

    I've been missing you! Maybe you will get a chance to play catch up on blogs on the weekend!

  2. Della!! I've been missing you too!! I do pop by and peek to see what you've been up to but before I can comment someone comes up to my desk or calls needing something. 150 gallons. That sounds huge to me. I love them but this is the first fish I've had in over 30 years!! I'll see how this one does before I progress from the goldfish bowl. Lol.
    Oh! I like your keychains and fan pulls. You are so creative!!! Talk to you again soon I hope. Xoxo

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    1. Thank you for stopping by Rosemary - I know you are a busy woman as well!

  4. Henry's colours are stunning! Hope he doesn't detract you too much....