Monday, December 10, 2012

Bottles in Blue....

Hello Ladies,

I have missed you!  Work has been so busy that I am so tired by the time I get home that all I do is veg out.  Sometimes I will grab my ipad and blog hop, but truly for the past few weeks I am doing good to do that.  I will miss a couple of days and then try to catch up all at once in an hour, LOL  Not  the best way to enjoy a blog session but I can't stand it if I am away from you for more than a couple of days.

I did make a few new bottles before I got so busy, but have just now gotten enough time to take enough pictures to actually make a post.  I just realized, however, that I didn't take photos during the creation process. RATS!!

Oh well, without further ado...I give you..bottles in blue.........

I bought this gorgeous ribbon at Wal-Mart.  I love Wal-Mart.  I know it's not "cool" to say that, but I do.  We have a nice one almost right across the street from my work so it is so convenient.  And you can get just about anything there.  Food, clothes, crafting supplies.  I haven't gone into Michael's or Hobby Lobby yet so I may change that tune but for now Wally world is my go-to place.

My bottle is a schnapps bottle given to me because I have begged my friends for their empty bottles and jars.  I modpodged the ribbon around the bottle three times.  Then I painted the bottle with the silver glitter craft paint. I kinda left it a little translucent. But I love the sparkly glitter!

Then I did the same thing to a jelly jar and the small jar is a bottle of room service mustard.  I added jewels to give it a little more bling.  We girls love our bling, don't we?

I cut out some of the flowers from the ribbon and after I painted the tops with the silver glitter paint I mod-podged those too.  I am not crazy about the large jar lid so I added some jewels to it too.  It helped some but I wish I'd just done the simple flower.
Okay, I know my photos aren't the best....I work in my basement (no light) and that is where I take my pics.  My computer that I use for blogging is down here too. So it just make it easier when you have very little time, ya know?
I think these will look pretty as part of a Christmas vignette.  But they will also be pretty for anytime!
Can you tell I really like these?  Not to brag (really I am so surprised by how much I like them) but Ithink they turned out really cute!!
I will be linking to some parties on my sidebar.  Most of you are familiar with them but I am always surprised when I hop around a party and usually find a blog or two that I fall in love with.  If you haven't been in a while, well I am inviting you on behalf of the great ladies who host these.
Thanks for stopping by to see me.  I welcome any and all comments and if you have suggestions on how I can improve in crafting and picture taking I am open to those too!!


  1. I am a total bottle freak..I love them, you did a great job! And I think shopping at WAlmart is totally cool, don't think it isn't!


  2. I think they do look pretty cool. The big schnapps bottle is by far my favorite!

  3. a great idea.. they are really beautiful !!

  4. They really did turn out nice! I love that blue ribbon. I'm still on the silver and blue kick, too :)

  5. I love love love this project. I think that these would go great in my bathroom. I love silver and blue together! Beautiful!

  6. They look awesome! I love the blue and silver colors!

  7. Love the bottles the color of the ribbon is gorgeous! I love walmart too!